At Wexford Kids®, our aim is to help children reach their full potential & guide parents in the journey of raising their children to achieve the best outcome.

We aim to empower families & children to take ownership of their health.

We aim to reduce wait times for assessment of children with ALL behavioural, medical & developmental concerns. We adopt a holistic approach, in which good communication remains central to our practice and work closely with allied health professionals and educators.

The development of a child is based on the dynamic interaction between various factors:

Biological (genetics, hormones, IQ),

Psychological (personality, thinking styles, attachment history),

Social (peer relationships),

Environmental (school, work) and


We help families solving the developmental puzzle for their chid and putting the pieces together.

We help parents understand their child and provide evidence based scientific management options.


Please note, we do not provide emergency care and in the case of an emergency, please dial 000 or present to the nearest emergency department.